A Meowvellous Summer Salad Dressing – Auspiciate Nutrition Blog

A Meowvellous Summer Salad Dressing – Auspiciate Nutrition Blog

Happy Summer Holidays, Cat Lovers!

As we enter the final month of the summer (and the heatwave is still going strong!) I’m sure you have been noticing some big changes in your eating habits compared with the winter months; such a sustained time of heat means our bodies have completely different needs compared to sustained times of cold. As a result, for me, cooking has taken a backseat in my kitchen, in favour of preparing LOTS of salads.

I know many people get triggered just by hearing the word salad, it brings up connotations of being depriving, boring, unsubstantial, [insert your own word here!]. This might feel true for some of you who thrive in the colder months: often soups, stews, roasts and other hearty meals are what you need to feel satisfied, and so in these hot times, you may be struggling to keep your energy up and your water content balanced – because who can deal with making and eating a stew in such hot conditions!?

So, if you have been struggling for inspiration, today’s post is especially for you: to help anyone looking for substance in their summer meals, including salads – did you know there were such things as hearty salads!? Because there absolutely is! The main problem people have with salads is that they do not hit all the “requirements” of our body’s needs: carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals, fibre and fats should all be included within each meal to get that fully satisfied feeling. So that being said, here’s some suggestions of how you can make that salad hearty after all!

  • Try adding healthy grains like buy champix online quinoa or amaranth (or any other grains you enjoy) onto your salad

  • Add a variety of fruits and vegetables to satisfy each of your taste buds such as: sweet: red pepper, sour: oranges, bitter: kale, salty: sea vegetables, pungent: red onions

  • Add a tasty salad dressing (recipe coming up!)

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Nothing livens up a salad more than a delicious salad dressing, and what better way to know it will satisfy you, than to make it yourself! Below is the standard dressing used at Pause and it is truly delicious, with sweet, sour and pungent notes to it, this is surely a dressing to suit all tastes. And, feel free to add in any of your own ingredients, too, to tailor it to your own needs – the most important part of cooking and nutrition is finding what works for YOU as an individual, so get experimenting, kitty friends!

Orange and Mint Salad Dressing

100ml apple cider vinegar
200ml vegetable oil
6 oranges, squeezed
Sprinkle of dried mint
Sprinkle of dried parsley

Just pop all the ingredients in some kind of container, mix it around a little, and voila! Your very own salad dressing. Keep it in the fridge and it should last you a good few days!

If you don’t feel like experimenting in your own kitchen, and perhaps are in desperate need to slow down and be pam-purred, why not pop into Pause and try one of their salads with a variety of the vegan and vegetarian menu items available as a delicious topping. Come experience for yourself how satisfying a well put together salad can be!

Have an amazing August!
See you next month.


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