Old and Mew

Old and Mew

Our artickle is about young vs young-at-heart, spring clear-outs, repurrposing, plus a chance to win springs fur your kitty!

Springtime conjures up images of cute fluffy chicks (yum!) and jumping lambs, it’s known as a time for rebirth and fresh starts, spring cleans…Well, I heard the humans nattering and I must admit that I was more than a little concerned to hear the term “out with the old and in with the new” bandied about.  I’m not having that!  I hope they weren’t talking about replacing me. I may be old, but there’s plenty of life in the old kitty yet!

“I’m Aunty Anne…

I’m often refurred to as Pause’s grumpy old lady, but I’m just a bit feisty rather than truly cantankerous. I give the best cuddles and will sit on a lap fur hours, but only on my terms. I love a good cuddle and will lick your hand for an age if I decide you’re my pal…just don’t try to move it away until I’m ready! I’m a rescue like the others in my adopted family, so we aren’t sure how old I am. The lovely Spring Corner Vets say I’m about 13 now, but I’m young-at-heart. If you’re lucky you’ll ‘cat’ch me playing like a kitten and giving the whipper-snappers a run fur their money.

I don’t like to fit a stereotype by being cranky, but one of us needs to speak up about this obsession with youth and youngsters. There’s something to be said for age and experience.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my less sun-ripened kitty companions (I have a special soft spot for Poppet, our youngest resident) and I fur one adore a snuggle with the miniature humans when they come to visit me…I don’t know, maybe I’m biased, but I love hanging out with the more mature volunteers. I even advertised for more senior and retired volunteers to join my clan, because they just know how I like to be stroked and they seem to be calmer and more reliable.

I also started my own affectionately named Aunty Anne’s Golden Oldies social club to get myself some more granny cuddles and I love it because not only do they sit still longer for me to enjoy their laps, but I get double-lapping action because one of the naughty old ladies likes to ‘accidentally’ spill some milk for me to lap up!

Young vs Young-at-Heart

One of the great things about getting older is that our inhibitions ease off and we start to do more of what we want with fewer worries about what others think of us. Why not drive around in a pink mobility scooter, dressed head-to-toe in pink? It certainly makes people smile. As a young person, everything hurts more, things are more dramatic. Squabbles with your peers can feel like the biggest thing in the world. As you get older and get more experiences under your belt, each one stings less. You learn that you can cope with the unexpected. You gain a sense of purrspective.

“Purr, I’m Poppet…

I’m the youngest of the Pause kitties. I love to climb on you and nibble you gently and I am very loving. I get called Poppet the Parrot because I can frequently be found riding the shoulder of a willing volunteer.

Well you know how much I love you Aunty, but I want to stand up for the new generation…

You don’t have to be old to be wise! I heard this adorable story from one of my human cattendants, Zak. He made friends with one of my mini visitors. When she was only 4 years old she saved a kitten who had stopped breathing!  She had seen on TV how to rub it’s little belly and blow in its face to bring it back to life. It turns out she’s not only talented at saving kittens, because she also coloured in a picture for Zak as a present to take home and keep.

Yes OK, as youngsters we can be more sensitive and get caught up in the odd drama, but we are enthusiastic and full of vigour. We have novel ways of looking at things and  can think outside the box (that’s when we’re not showing off how good we are at hiding inside the box, of course) when you oldies are stuck in your ways with long-ingrained habits of always doing what you’ve always done.

So who wins in young vs young-at-heart? Both are beautiful in their own way…but purrhaps the most beautiful is where the two meet. Spending time with other generations can ignite energy, bring balance and foster a deeper sense of connection that we just can’t find with out peers. Maybe that’s why us two get on so well. It works fur humans too, remember when our catendants visited a dementia home, they were full of beans when they came back!

Out with the Old and In with the Mew

I’m not saying all old stuff is fur the rubbish tip, but there’s something to be said fur a good spring clean. A tidy house is a tidy mind, and sometimes you can have so much stuff that you don’t know what you’ve got. It’s hard to apurreciate something if it’s crammed at the back of the cupboard behaind a mountain of things you haven’t seen fur years. Having a clear out can give you renewed gratitude for old things you had furgotten about and you might find a new use for something if you can’t bear to throw it out.


Aunty might be the most distinguished cat, but she’s not the only thing that’s old here. The whole place is upcycled, recycled and reclaimed, and not just our feline residents, everything from the shop front to our catrobatic equipment is made from pre-loved goods. We even have a purrfectly cat-sized spiral staircase made from a rolling pin and a chopping board!

If, like us, you hate the idea of waste, there are a few ways to ensure your prior possessions don’t end up in a landfill pile. We’ve found some oppurrtunities to make some return on your clear out.

  • How about having a swap party with some friends?
  • Go retro and gift your bounty to your local charity shop
  • Got lots of books, CDs, PC and console games and DVDs gathering dust? You can scan them and make around 40p-£1 each for certain items using websites and apps, some companies even come and collect them. You’ll need to find an alternative for disposing of the ones they don’t want though.
  • Clothes recycling places offer 50p per kilo cash for clothes and shoes, you can either drop them off or get a group together and get them collected. It’s a good way to raise money for charities and schools if you have enough people willing to have a clear-out.
  • BHF and other charities come and collect your unwanted furniture and electrical items. Just be aware that items must be fire safe and they will leave items they don’t think they can sell. Dorset Reclaim is a charity near us that helps people on the breadline access affordable furniture, you can donate to them if you’re local.
  • Having a clear-out at work or have regular waste from your business? Dorset Scrapstore or your local alternative repurpose all-sorts of wild and whacky items and will collect suitable items for free, potentially saving £££s for companies who have a fur amount of waste
  • Your local tip will take most things and are pretty good at reselling
  • For more ideas and info about where to dispose responsibly, check out RecycleNow

WIN a Spring in Poppet’s Product Review

Whatever our age, cats are known to love new things, we can’t wait to purrlay together when we get a new toy and we fur-equently take it in turns to cat-nap on a newly donated blanket or bed. Aunty and I have been testing a new cat toy called Twizlrz, watch how they have been putting a ‘spring’ in our step…

They are designed and made in the UK, which is great as we are advocats of locally sourced produce. We love them! You can buy some fur your little furry friends or alternatively, if you want to come and see us play with our Twizlrz this springtime then use the discount code SPRING to get 20% off when you book online and we’ll enter you into a compurrtition to win some delivered direct to your door. You’ll need to use the code before the end of May and visit us before the summer solstice, which lands on Friday 21st June. You’ll automatically be entered into the compurrtition when you book and we’ll announce the winner at the end of June.


Fur more little old lady wibbling, follow me, Aunty, on Facebook Aunty Anne Pause and Instagram @auntyannepause and ME lil’ Poppet! My Facebook is Poppet Pause and my Insta is @poppetpause we can’t wait to see you online.


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