A Few Words From Our Old Lady, Aunty Anne!

A Few Words From Our Old Lady, Aunty Anne!


It’s Aunty Anne here! The wisest and oldest cat at Pause Cat Cafè 🙂 I’m an old lady now – I’ll be 12 years old on my birthday! I’ve been through many experiences during my life, some better than others! But now, my life is filled up by lovely humans at the cafe that really love me and give me the best cuddles.

Sharing a house with 11 other cats is pawsome but I’ll admit, it’s not easy sometimes! I love all my housemates, but they are really young and always very active and playful, they do know better than to mess around with Aunty though!

I love this place because I never feel alone here.  Sometimes, like most old ladies, I wander off to my bedroom when I fancy a bit of quiet and I don’t want to be bothered (we all need that sometimes, don’t we?) but most of the time I like a good cuddle. I receive so much love and care from all my human volunteers; I mean, they don’t stop loving me even when I feel a bit grumpy and leave them little scratches (actually, that’s my way to show my love and leave my mark! Like an Auntie Anne tattoo!)

I also enjoy all the friendly customers very much, especially if they let me sit on their laps and they stroke my head or my chin gently – purrr purrr :3

It’s not unusual for someone to ask if I am available to be adopted (because I’m so sweet and pretty, of course). This is my forever home and I have my kitty & human family here, where I am wonderfully looked after and I never want to leave! Starting a new life, again, buy clomid 100 mg would only cause me too much stress 🙁

I’m still a very cuddly, sweet, purring lady (most of the time!) and I’m always there if someone is feeling down, ready to give some love.

I needed to be rehomed when my previous human parents got divorced. Mum moved into a small flat and I was very unhappy there, living in such a small place made me become so grumpy and I used to have many behaviour problems including refusing to use my litter tray – but it was just my way of saying I wanted some more space and attention.

I used to be really shy and unsure when I arrived here, but the volunteers and the staff, patiently helped me to trust humans again and helped me feel more confident and less scared! Here at the cafe all of the Pause cats are allocated their own ‘mum’ or ‘dad’ who thinks we are the most important cat and gives us extra special love and attention. I love my human mummy, she gives me the best care and endless love!

Despite my age, if I feel active and comfortable enough. From time-to-time I even enjoy playing like a kitten; running up and down, chasing some ropes, or exploring the café up on the bridges! Here I finally have so much space! 

It’s never too late to change your life…I’m really grateful to have found my forever family at the cafe, to start living again and discovering how ameowzing the bond between humans and cats can be!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my story and my thoughts. Now you all know a little more about me 🙂

Hope to have a cuddle with you soon,

Lots of love and purrs,

– Aunty Anne <3 xx