Cats and Kids

Cats and Kids

Today’s artickle is about cats and kids, and the benefits of the loving bonds that form between them. Children and animals seem to connect in an honest and open way, it’s just gorgeous to watch.

“Hi, I’m Michelle…

I’m a young mum to Poppet, Sweetcheeks, and Noodle. We all came to Pause as a family in 2017 after living on the streets and you can read more about our story here. I used to be feral and I wouldn’t let people or other cats near me. I didn’t even know how to meow or purr. Now I love sitting on people’s laps and being loved by the volunteers and visitors. Any cat can become a wonderful companion in the right environment and I’ve had the biggest transfurmation through the love and care of my new home. That’s why I’m an advo-cat of self-development, behaviour change and fresh starts.

As a mum, I’m also interested in child development (human and animal) and the benefits of relationships between kids and animals – I love the way my three little ones interact with children. Kids share the kitties enthusiasm and boundless energy, keeping each other entertained for ages after us adults get bored. Children seem to come up with the most ingenious games too and find bizarre ways to entertain the cats with inanimate objects! I’ve seen many friendships made between little ones and my own little monkeys.


Like most cats, I love a good fuss and a treat. However, there are so many more pawsitives to our relationships, which benefit both species. It’s not just a one-way street.  Teaching young human kittens the proper way to care for animals, and also how to behave around them is so important to help them learn about kindness and how to get the best bond with their cat. We kitties can provide so much love if treated right! Having an animal in your little one’s life can bring calmness and inspires kindness to others.

Sharing your family home with an animal companion can help to teach children responsibility and routine, and give them a sense of purpose by taking care of another living being. As sad as it feels at the time, losing a childhood pet can also help prepare your child for grief of a loved one later on in life. The unconditional, uncomplicated and non-judgemental love of a cat can help children to de-stress when they inevitably find the normal catastrophes of school friendships challenging.

I remember a time my daughter was having trouble during middle school and always referred to our cat, Phoebe, as her very best friend. There was no drama, no disappointment and no feeling of having to please her. They just ‘were’.

Angie Bailey, Catladyland

Check out Angie’s Catster article for more about how cats can be therapeutic for children.


Being a mum isn’t always easy, I had a rough start and have to admit I’ve been learning on my paws. Sometimes it’s easy to lose my patience with the kittens, but a little moment of cuteness or when they do something that makes me giggle tends to bring things back into purrspective.  My boy Noodle is purrhaps the most infurriating of my children, but also the funniest little one (I say ‘little’, but he’s bigger than me now!) I just love it when he fools around on the cat hoop like a true acro-cat!


It tickled me that Bored Panda’s number one ranking funny kid quote was a 4-year old choosing a kitten over their parent!

To help lighten your mood if your little kittens have been wearing down your tether, I’ve compiled some comments from the little terrors and of course, they are cat-related!  We asked some human kitties to finish the sentence “I love cats because…” and here’s what they said:

“I love cats because they have adventures outside and then come in and cuddle you and tell you what they’ve been up to in their secret time” – Jemima, aged 8

“I love cats because… um, I don’t really know… maybe because they are funny” Matthew, aged 6

I love cats “coz I dooooo” from a cat mad 3 year old Jacob 🐈

“I love cats because they cuddle up with you & they make all your worries go away” – Aimee age 12  🐾🐾

“I love cats because I like their skin” – Fleur age 4. I think she means their fur 🙈

“I love cats because most of the time they are really calm which makes me feel calm as well and you cant help but smile when you see one 🐈” – Matilda aged 8


See more cute comments or add your child’s own on our Facebook page, if you live nearby you could even win furree entry for one lucky mini-meower and an adult of their choosing.

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kids and cats cuddling

OK, I just had to end it with a little bit of extra sweetness, so here’s a little YouTube video of kids and cats cuddling, super cute!

Like my meows?

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