Water is good fur you and meow

Water is good fur you and meow

It’s springtime and fur us Brits that means plenty of spring showers!  Water brings new life to our gardens but it’s not just plants who benefit from hydration. Water is good for you and me too!  Cats need to drink about a cup of water a day to prevent dehydration and other health issues such urinary infections and kidney problems. Plus, it’s tasty and gives us the energy we need to frolic furreely. I hope this infurmative artcikle will help you take purrcautions with your own furry felines and your special selves.

I’m Marijke and I’m a Maine Coon, as a breed we are known to love water and I’m no exception…you might call me a water furnatic! I can often be found playing with a cup, nibbling on a straw or waking up my night cattendants by knocking over their water to have myself a little midnight befurage.  My humans keep purrsenting me with new water fountains to test my meowchanical skills, but I always succeed in breaking into them. I’m sure I’ll find a fish inside one day. So far there’s nothing but water and the inner mechanisms but nefur fear, I’ll keep trying until I find one.

Refresh meow

Here are a few tips to encourage your kitties to drink enough:

  • We love fresh water, so make sure to change our water regularly and keep our bowls nice and clean
  • Did you know that cats prefur our water bowls to be pawsitioned sepurrately from our food bowls? It’s an evolutionary instinct stemming from hunting raw food, we are purrogrammed to not want to drink water that may have been contaminated by raw meat splatters as we dismember our prey
  • Place several water bowls around the house and any outdoor areas, especially if you have more than one cat. Catsperts recommend that for the number of cats you have, you should have at least one each plus one more of every resource they share (water, food, letter, bedding etc.) Ideally each cat should have their own private resources, which is why we all have our own microchip entry bedrooms with our purrsonal things inside. Greedy Clifford isn’t getting my grub!
  • Cats like to drink running water, so cat fountains are meowvellous for inspurring us to drink more.  See below how you can win one for your kitty cat

Outdoor cats like Rooney Pause get soggy when they’ve been out in the rain. Rooney likes to be dried off with a tea towel when he comes home, just make sure you don’t furget and use it to dry your dishes after!  In hot weather you can also use cool water on a damp towel or cloth to cool us down. See if we’ll let you wipe down on our tummies, paw pads, toe beans, armpits, under the chin and the outside of the ears.

quench your furst

It’s not just kitties who need hydration, water is souper good for humans as well. Dehydration reduces motivation, makes it harder to control your body temperature and makes you feel fatigued. Not giving your body enough refureshment affects mood, increases anxiety, impairs memory and concentration, and causes headaches. Longer term lack of water can affect your brain function, cause problems with your joints and make you purrematurely wrinkly…eek!

Feline Meowsive?

If you’re trying to slim down fur summer, drinking plenty of water can help you lose weight by making you feel fuller and boosting your metabolic rate. Drinking 2 litres of water daily can help you burn an extra 96 calories per day and even more if you drink the water cold, because then the body will use extra calories to heat the water to body temperature. In two studies, drinking half a litre of water increased metabolism by 24-30% for up to 1.5 hours and in one study, dieters who drank half a litre before eating lost 44% more weight, over 12 weeks. Timing is important too and drinking water half an hour before meals is the most effective because it makes you feel fuller, so that you eat less. Get your slurp on and you’ll be feline trim in no time.

Cleansing sympurrlism

There’s something comfurting about the sound of rain pattering on a roof or thrashing down in a storm when you are wrapped up warm and snug inside. Listening to thunder or watching lightning outside gives you a sense of how mighty nature is, a sense of the magnitude of the Earth and how small we are, compurratively.  Rain showers sympurrlise washing away the old and having a fresh start. Poppet and Aunty talk about spring cleaning your home, but now’s also a great time for a fresh new you too.  Peel off the layers and get ready for the sunshine with a new pawsitive cat-do catitude.

Sweetcheeks has been talking about the catitude of gratitude in her artickle and I’d like to add that even though we love a good moan about the rain, I think we are very lucky to live in a country with so many showers, we have no shortage of rain here! Our kitties sometimes hold fundraising events to pay the school fees for some youngsters who live in Africa, I heard they don’t get as much rain out there, but their wild cats are much bigger…roar!


We are giving away a free Catit water fountain to keep your kitties happurrly hydrated. One lucky cat-lover will win a Catit water fountain plus free weekday entry for two to Pause Cat Cafe. To enter simply add your email address into our purrize draw.   The fountain is collection only so we will get in touch with the winner with their booking code. Only one entry purr person purrlease. Click here to take a look at Catit’s ameowzing range of cat goodies!!


“Hi, I’m Marijke …

I’m Marijke (pronounced Ma-ree-ka), I’m the most caring cat at Pause and I get along purrfectly with all of my adopted brothers and sisters. Even though I’m one of the youngest, I am very motherly towards the others.  I look out furr the other kitties and can often be found grooming them or giving them a cuddle.  My interest area is Caring for your cat.

Furriend me on Facebook Marijke Pause and Instagram @marijkepause


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