Colourful Nutrition to get you #FelineGood

Colourful Nutrition to get you #FelineGood

From our meowvellous salads to totally-tasty tummy-fillers, good food can bring joy to our tummies. Feline good from the inside-out starts with putting good food on your plate, and a little kitty companionship by your side while you nibble!

Hi I’m Petrus,

I know I’m the picture of purrfect health these days, but it hasn’t always been that way.  I was found on the streets as a very poorly kitten. I was malnourished and had very little fur, my skin was so sore from my rough start outside. I was handed into the vets at Spring Corner who nursed me back to health before finding my furever home at Pause.

I used to have a bit of an eating problem when I furst arrived – I would wolf down my food so fast because I was just happy to be fed. I started to pile on the pounds and became a little chubby!  Now I feel safe in my home and I know will be fed when I am hungry, so I can take my time to savour my supper and at last my puppy fat has become less purrminent.

So I’m an advo-cat of healthy eating, but you know, it isn’t just about ‘how much’ you eat that keeps you feline tip-top… variety is impurrtant too!

Expurrts recommend eating mainly plant foods that are unprocessed and unrefined. Did you know that nature has colour coded these foods to make it easy? The best way to ensure you are getting a wide range of vitamins and nutrients is to pick whole foods with a variety of colours (sorry, smarties and skittles don’t count!). Lots of colours and plenty of fibre helps sustain a diverse gut flora (the little universe living inside us). According to the British Medical Journal 1 micro-organisms in our digestive system don’t just help with our digestion but are integral in maintaining our healthy body functions, overall fitness and immunity, so we need to keep them well fed. Diversity really counts, even in our tummies!

Pause’s VERY own rainbow

Today, I’m meowing about one of the Pause specials that is supurr bright and colourful: our Rainbow Salad. Showing supawt for Pride by paying homage to the rainbow symbol of hope and celebrating diversity in all forms…this is our very own compurrnation of ingredients to keep you purring with satisfaction and glowing with health from the inside out.

The Pause Rainbow Salad holds lots of healthy, great quality ingredients, including plenty of colourful, natural whole foods and fibre… and an optional little naughty kick of sweet chilli sauce if you can’t face being 100% angelic! It really is the perfect refreshing, healthy lunch to make things seem just a little brighter… just like a real rainbow!


  • Get a big bowl and make a bed of mixed leaves and rocket
  • Add some chopped cucumber, red onion and a handful of olives
  • Smash up some yummy ripe avocado and pop it in
  • Top with a couple of falafels (check out our falafel recipe)
  • We serve it with our brighter-than-bright beetroot hummus
  • Dress with homemade lemon and mint dressing or devilish sweet chilli sauce

Enjoy your Rainbow Salad from us, to you!

All sound like a bit too much effurt? Let us do all the hard work while you relax with our kitties…but make sure you come by soon to ‘cat’ch our rainbow salad befur it’s gone.


“Hi, I’m Petrus…

My nickname is Puppy because before Pause I spent lots of time at the vets and used to hang out with dogs. I act more like a dog than a cat: I chase, lick, gently bite and love sticks!  The kitties are slowly teaching me ‘how to cat’.  I’m interested in health for both humans and animals.

I’m so adorable on Facebook Petrus Pause and Instagram @petruspause


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