Coronavirus care at Pause Cat Cafe

We are reopurrning to visitors on Friday 11th Septempurr

Please rest assured that safety is our number one priority.

“Hi, Kitty-lovers…

We want to let you know the ways in which we are purrtecting your safety during your visit to see our gorgeous rescue kitties.

Hair’s a couple of things to note…


To make it safer for our visitors, we have halved the number of tables available for use in the cafe. This means that we will be opurrating at a loss during this time and we are furry grateful for the kind donations from visitors that enable us to stay afloat. Thank you so much fur helping.


We’ll be taking payments by card and ask visitors to use contactless where pawsible. 


We have increased our already sparkly hygeine procedures to minimise the risk of coronavirus. This includes PPE, extra disinfecting of surfaces and touch points, frequent sanitisation and hand-washing.


All team members and visitors are asked not to attend if they experience any symptoms or have been around anyone with symptoms, and to notify us if they have any symptoms within 2-weeks of having attended the cafe. We have contact details for all bookings so we can infurm you of any possible contact with coronavirus.


Gail Golab, the American Veterinary Medical Association’s chief veterinary officer says: ‘We’re not overly concerned about people contracting Covid-19 through contact with dogs and cats.’ While the NHS recommends that you wash your hands after touching animals, Golab also pointed out that ‘the virus survives best on smooth surfaces, such as countertops and doorknobs,’ adding: ‘Porous materials, such as pet fur, tend to absorb and trap pathogens, making it harder to contract them through touch.’


To ease our kitties back into socialising, we’re starting slowly:

  • Visit  us Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 12pm-4pm by booking online


Due to the reduced capacity, it’s not viable to pay our chef at the moment so we’ll have a small selection of cakes and snacks available until further notice. We hope to have our yummy food on offur again soon. 


We will continue to provide round-the-clock care for our kitties and they will be attended to 24-7 by a person on-site, even when we are closed to visitors. Thanks to the kind volunteers who make this possible, we love you!


This really is a time for caring for others, and it’s lovely to see so much kindness around. If there are any ways that we can help you, please let us know. We have already seen a lot of kindness among our volunteers offering eachother help, what a lovely bunch!

This is a difficult time for small businesses, particularly for cafes, and it has reminded us how important it is that we protect our kitties’ home.  We are determined to stay afloat during the turbulence so we can continue to provide their loving home after it is over.

There are some ways in which you can support us to ensure we weather the storm. If you would like to help, here are a couple:

Show your Supawt

Purchasing products from our online shop such as vouchers for future use (great as gifts), t-shirts, sponsor a cat to cover the cost of their care or simply donate. This will help us to keep the heating on and cover costs while we opurrate at reduced capacity and hours due to coronavirus.

Avoid a Cat-astrophe!

Help us keep our cats fed… Suppliers have limited the number of products anyone can buy, including cat food and litter. This is a concern for any cat owner, but a  litter’l bit more of an issue when you have 12 lovely fluffies to care for. If you don’t tend for quite so many cats as us and fancy helping us ensure the Pause felines stay stocked, then please add a couple of bags of litter to your next shop to drop down to us. We have staff onsite at all times caring for the cats, but you can do a contacless drop to the doorstep and ring the doorbell, or have things delivered direct. We have a wishlist on Amazon, which is great for getting things delivered direct, although some items are classified as non-essential and are not being delivered. We use ultra-clumping or clumping cat litter and most of the kitties eat Whiskas, except for Clifford and Michelle who eat HiLife because they are sensitive to grains. We really apurreciate your help!

With meows, love and kitty cuddles,

from the kitties and the team at Pause x

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