The Mewspaper Editors

The Mewspaper Editors

We are The Mewspaper writing team, each of us has his or her own special interest area, incorpurrating animal behaviour, emotional wellbeing for both humans and animals, product reviews and compurrtitions, heartwarming stories and giggles…all aimed at bringing smiles to the cat-loving community and spreading a little bit of joy.

Aunty Anne

Hi, I’m Aunty. I’m often refurred to as Pause’s grumpy old lady, but I’m just a bit feisty rather than truly cantankerous. I give the best cuddles and will sit on a lap furr hours, but only on my terms. I’m interested in social issues in the community and I run a monthly social club for older people. My stories tend to be about companionship, connection and bonding. I love a good cuddle and will lick your hand for ages if I decide you’re my pal.

If you like Facebook come find me there AuntyAnne Pause or purrhaps you prefur Instagram @auntyannepause


They call me Bear the Bold! I am the bravest cat, the loudest and the smallest but I have the biggest purrsonality. I am a proud female feline who doesn’t let the boys push me around. Nobody can tell me what to do, so I write about whatever I am feline at the time, from current afurrs to my fafurrite picks of cat-related news. I also really like carrots.

Be my furriend on Facebook Bear Pause and Instagram @bear_pause



I am the cat of purrfect contradictions: I am sharp-witted but lack common sense, hyperactive and zen, a big softy and alpha-male, needy and aloof. Just like my namesake Goldie AKA Clifford Price, I am into creativity: music, art, litter-ature, film and so pawth.

Feline furriendly? Add me on Facebook Clifford Pause and Instagram @cliffordpause


If you want to know how to be laid back, I’m your guy. I’m the coolest cat and can frequently be found lounging around. My favourite activity is flopping; I’m so floppy that I roll off things, but chillax dudes and dudettes – I’m a cat so I always land on all four paws!  How do I keep my care-free cattitude? I regularly make time for a good old belly laugh… Check out my YOU CAT TO BE KITTEN ME piece.


Find me on Facebook Liquorice Pause or Instagram @liquoricepause


I’m Marijke (pronounced Ma-ree-ka), I’m the most caring cat at Pause and I get along purrfectly with all of my adopted brothers and sisters. Even though I’m one of the youngest, I am very motherly towards the others.  I look out furr the other kitties and can often be found grooming them or giving them a cuddle.  My interest area is CARING FOR YOUR CAT 


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My name is Maxine. or if you would like to use my proper title, it’s ‘Their Royal Highness Ginger Princess Maxine’ but you can call me Max for short. I am Pause’s proud LGBT representative.  I used to be a stressed out kitty but I have really impurroved with the love of my mums and dads at Pause. I am passionate about helping you to reduce your stress and start feline fine like me via my contribution – RELAX WITH MAX.  Daily tension can build up without us even noticing, but if anyone knows how to relax, it’s us cats!

Furriend me on Facebook Max Pause and Instagram @maxpausecatcafe


I’m a young mum to Poppet, Sweetcheeks and Noodle. We all came to Pause as a stray family and I used to be feral. I didn’t let people or other cats near me and I didn’t know how to meow or purr. Now I love a lap! I’ve had the biggest transformation through the love and care of my new home, so I’m an advo-cat of self-development, behaviour change and fresh starts. As a mum, I’m also interested in child development (human and animal) and the benefits of relationships between kids and animals. You can call me Mouse or Mum.

I hope to see you soon on Facebook Michelle Pause and Instagram @michellepausequeen


I’m a purrticularly intelligent cat. By making full use of my immense brain, bright eyes and by keeping my bat-like ears to the ground, I’m committed to keeping you up-to-date with the latest cat insights, science and word/meow on the street in NOODLE’S NEWS.  I’ll do the research so you don’t have to. I hope you a-purr-eciate my efforts and reward me with extra treats.


Find me on Facebook Noodle Pause and Instagram @noodle_pause


I was found alone on the streets and handed into our vets at Spring Corner, I was in a bad way and nursed back to health. I was skinny but now I’m lovely and podgy.  My nickname is Puppy because I used to hang around with dogs and act more like a dog than a cat: I chase, lick, gently bite and love sticks!  The other kitties are slowly teaching me ‘how to cat’. So far I’ve learned how to purr, but my meow is more like a dolphin, which is odd because there weren’t any of those in the vets.  I’m interested in health for both humans and animals.

I’m so adorable on Facebook Petrus Pause and Instagram @petruspause


I’m one of the youngest Pause kitties. I love to climb on you and nibble you gently and I am very loving. I get called Poppet the Parrot because I can frequently be found riding the shoulder of a willing volunteer. In POPPET’S PRODUCT REVIEW I give the low-down on the best cat purrroducts – get mine and my pals opinion before you splash your cash.


Furriend me on Facebook Poppet Pause and Instagram @poppetpause


I love to make people smile from the inside out, so I write PUMPKIN’S HEARTWARMERS, and yes, I really am THIS sweet. I’m Pumpkin, the soppiest cat you are ever likely to meet. When I’m not offering my belly up for a rub, I’m checking out the cutest cat-related stories to share with you, because, hey, we could all do with a bit more cuteness right?!

Find me on Facebook Pumpky Pause and Instagram @pumpkypause


I am a ninja! I can fly through the air at lightning speed and cat-ch a nacho before it reaches your mouth! Never underestimate the power of the tiny. I may be cute, but I am mighty!  I spend my time training so that I can stay flexible and I will share with you my sporting tips in all cat-egories from aerobics to cat yoga.

Find me on Facebook Sweetcheeps Pause and Instagram @sweetcheekspause


“Purr yourself a cuppa, settle down and pause for a few moments of mew-time. Let us help your stresses fade away while we enter-tail you.”

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    Ive been apart of the pause team since July 2018 I didn’t know what to expect I was scared anxious about going in to a working environment due to suffering from social anxiety so as well as anxiety and depression even going out I hide myself I struggle with people so much I wear my hat and sunglasses I still look at the ground I hate the eye contact but pause I can look into a cats eye’s forever its like a magnet pause has got into my soul and my heart to wake up on a Monday and Tuesday morning knowing I’m going to see the cats OMG it just brings me so much joy and happiness I feel normal I feel safe less anxious about being away from home and of course the best thing in this lovely amazing place is the cat times , the cuddles with these beautiful animals who now have a safe warm loved environment to live happily this place has totally changed my life I love everyone involved and especially the cat’s especially my pumpkin who I absolutely adore <3 Thank you to Jaya xxx Lots of love

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