Purrtecting our planet

Purrtecting our planet

Hello, we are Petrus and Marijke – resident kitties at Pause Cat Cafe.  To celebrate World Environment Day in June, we wanted to take a meowment to appurrciate our wonderful planet and think about ways we can purrtect it.

I’m Petrus! I think the world is a pawsome place – and that’s not just because I’m in it, I am also very gratefurl for all of my pals and our furmazing home in Pause Cat Cafe. Living here gave me a second chance in life and it is special to me because I know that everything is made from recycled and repurposed materials that purrtect our planet. I think it’s impurrtant for ‘fur’niture and other materials to be given second homes, just like us cats! They can be used for new furbulous equipment and given other uses. Fur example, we have a purrfectly cat-sized spiral staircase in the cafe that is made from a rolling pin and a chopping board which is spec’cat’ular… but my purrsonal furvourite is the catrobatic equipment… I can always be seen climbing around the cafe and looking down at the tiny hoomans below.

Who knew being environmentally friendly could be so fun? Recycling and repawposing things also gives you a chance to be creative. I like knowing that my toys were made especially fur me! It feels very purrsonal and makes me feel so loved.

reduce YOUR carbon pawprint

Hair at Pause, we have always shown our dedi’cat’ion to sustainability in everything we do! We are constantly looking fur new ways to help everyone reduce their carbon pawprint. We nefur choose to use plastics and try biodegradable, paper and sustainable wood alternatives to make sure we are having a more pawsitive impact on the environment! Fur more infurmation on what we do to make sure we are environmentally furrendly at Pause, check out our sustainability info.

make a diffurence

Our hoomans have been getting involved in the community to purrtect our local beaches. Tourists and locals visiting the beach each summer can be meowsively impactfurl on the environment, leaving lots of litter and rubbish. To save our seas (and impurtantly, our fish!) the humans at Pause and our sister charity, Fresh are working to keep our local beaches clean this summer and purrtect our furmazing planet. This is especially impurrtant to me because my name, Marijke means “drop of the sea,” so I feel like it is my job to purrtect the pawsome beaches that gave me my beautiful name. I am glad that my humans have the same mission to purrtect our environment and beautiful home. Would you like to join them for a huge clean up at Bournemouth beach on the 17th of July at 2-3pm to make a diffurence?


Hey Marijke, you aren’t the only one with a fancy name! My name means ‘rock’ and I was named by our carpenter Simon who prepawed all the pawsome carpentry at Pause using repawposed wood. He named me after his boat and also his furst dog, which is cool beclaws I fashion myself as the most dog-like cat at Pause. I’m even nicknamed Puppy.

Have fun by the sea, humans! Catch some cheeky fish for me! I haired that hoomans aren’t so good at fishing so hair’s my instructional video entitled ‘cat’ch of the day’…enjoy!

With love from Marijke, Petrus and all the Pause Kitties

Cartoon mascots of the Pause Cat Cafe rescue cats

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