We care about you and how you are feeling.

Winter can be miserable; it’s cold, dark, we’ve overspent, work has piled up, the festivities are over and we might be carrying a few extra pounds and fewer £££s as a result

…but we aren’t taking it lion down!

We want to spread a little pawsitivity – or should that be (Pause-itivity?!)

Pause Cat Cafe is running a campaign to combat depression in the New Year, because we know this time of year can be difficult for many of us. Our Feline Good campaign aims to bring a bit of joy to our friends in the local community by addressing the issues of depression and anxiety, get people talking and encouraging people to take positive action to help ourselves and our loved-ones via a range of health and wellbeing events.

We believe the campaign, and the events we will be running alongside this in the Café events such as yoga, mindfulness, forgiveness, and creative workshops, will increase the sense of connection with others, reduce loneliness, and improve wellbeing for you or a loved-one if you are feeling low.

If you are a student with upcoming exams, we hope our kitties can help reduce your stress. For just £5 you can use our wifi and study for the whole day, and get another £5 off anything you buy in the cafe (effectively free entry). It is subject to availability and you need to show your valid student ID.

#FelineGood isn’t just for grown-ups either; we ran our first ‘Kittens Yoga’ family session earlier this month and our weekly Kittens Classes on Wednesdays help to breed your child’s Pause-itive approach… book here or call us on 01202 240194.

Aunty Anne’s Tea Party for the elderly helps older isolated people to make friends and snuggle some cats; what can be more heartwarming than that?! Do you know an older person who would like to come? Contact us to find out more.

Did you know research shows that volunteering helps reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety? Shift those winter blues by signing up to join our amazing Pause Cat Cafe volunteer team and start #FelineGood by helping our gorgeous kitties.

We see many faces light up as they spot our kitties in the window, and we all know how much joy comes from spending time with animals; even looking at cute photos of cats brings a smile. You will always be welcomed at Pause with a purr and a smile, and however you are feeling, we hope we can help get you Feline Good again.

Look out for our #FelineGood posts on social media, and our events in the cafe.  If you have a story to tell about mental health, or hints and tips to get us #FelineGood then please get involved in the conversation and help us let our community know that we’re in this together!