You Cat to be Kitten Me

You Cat to be Kitten Me

Laughter is a serious business. Now I’m a relaxed cat, but I ain’t about to stand around and do nothing when people are out there getting stressed out. I’m making it my mission to get you giggling, and save the cat-loving world one pun at a time! Join me in my laughter refurlution… Who’s with me?!

This is a collection of my fa-fur-ite cat puns, jokes and cartoons to bring a cheeky smile to your face.  Please spread the love by sharing far and wide, together we can make a diffurence! No more miserable faces staring blankly at screens purrlease, let’s tackle the sufferings of daily life by getting some good old belly laughs going.

Laughter is good for you

In her article for ‘Psychology Today’, happiness scientist Emma Seppala PhD who is a director at both Stanford and Yale Universities (a bit greedy?) confurms my point purrfectly: She says laughter has tremendous benefits for our health and psychological well-being, can make you more open to new people and can help you build relationships. Laughter may increase your pain threshold, make you more resilient and help you regulate your emotions in the face of challenge, according to a Yale study. A study of diabetic patients found that laughing can lower stress and inflammation and increase good cholesterol. Just anticipating a funny event boosted immune function while decreasing stress-related hormones. Laughter can even make you a better learner; a good laugh while learning new material will help you engage with it more!  Researchers at Loma Linda University found that laughter can help you remember things while also reducing the stress hormone, cortisol, especially in older people. Belly laughter is as effective at widening arteries and lowering blood pressure as taking statins and going jogging (phew, I’m not much of a jogger!) Here’s the best bit though; laughter can make you more attractive! Humour and playfulness are highly valued traits in potential romantic partners.

Laughter can help you make the world a better place. Why? It’s contagious. Let’s get giggling guys!

My fafurite cartoonist

OK, so I’m not too sure I agree with the idea of putting cats versus humans (obviously, cats would win) but I guess she’s just joking seeing as she lives with 9 cats…  unless they just colonised her home without purrmission, which I guess is possible, knowing cats.  Yasmine Surovec is the artist behind Cat versus Human and we think she’s pawsome, YAY, thanks for the meowvellous comics Yasmine!

I’m not so sure cats actually do this, most cats I know are actually very well-behaved and would never interrupt their slaves, especially while they are making money to buy cat treats or some other sort of human things that you do when you aren’t lavishing us with affection and pandering to our every whim.  Do you have photographic evidence of your cat interrupting your work? Share your pic or video on our Facebook page so I can see. I like a giggle (did I mention that already?)


A few of my fafurite cat puns taken from a compurrtition we ran on our page a while ago. Feel furree to add yours too just comment on this Facebook post!

  • You’ve got to be kitten me! I’m feline good about this one, like the cat that got the cream! No hesitation, no moments paws. Purrfection 🐱🐾
  • To sleep, purr-chance to dream? 😹
  • Tabby or not tabby? Cat is the question 😸
  • Of course she got hair all over the couch.. it is called FURniture, isn’t it?

Joke du jour

A cat turns up at the pearly gates with two dogs

St. Peter turns to the dogs and asks ‘why should I let you in?’

They reply ‘we’ve been loyal and faithful to our master’s’

St. Peter says ‘go and lie at the feet of God, well done’.

St. Peter turns to the cat and says ‘well, why should I let you in?’

The cat swishes her tail and stalks past St. Peter, goes up to God and says ‘You’re in my chair’…

Got a good cat joke? I wanna hair it! Share it here.

What your cat is really thinking

Open the door, I want to go out.

Ah thanks human. I’m just going to sit here for a minute and lick my paw.

No! Don’t shut the door. I like it open. I’m just resting here. I’ll go out in a minute.

OK, you can close it.

Human! Come back and open the door. I want to go out.

Just for fun

Check me out in my (OK, our) parody of Childish Gambino’s ‘This is America’ the best bit is where I slip off the scratcher. I did it on purrpose, obvs.

See you next time kitty lovers, keep smiling!

About the writer of this artickle

“Hi, I’m Liquorice…

If you want to know how to be laid back, I’m your guy. I’m the coolest cat and can frequently be found lounging around. My favourite activity is flopping; I’m so floppy that I roll off things, but chillax dudes and dudettes – I’m a cat so I always land on all four paws!  How do I keep my care-free cattitude? I regularly make time for a good old belly laugh.
Find me on Instagram @liquoricepause

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