The Search for Companionship: John and Gypsy’s Story

The Search for Companionship: John and Gypsy’s Story

Pause is proud to dedicate and expand its kitty connections not in just in the café, but outside to the wider community.  We are delighted to be supporting people in search of finding animal companions to love and to care for, and reduce the ever-growing number of homeless and abandoned cats. We are so thrilled to be supporting these causes, because we know the great importance of re-homing cats outside of the cafe from our first-hand experience, by the story of Gypsy. We wanted to share Gypsy’s story and spread awareness.

Gypsy had been abandoned, became homeless and was in desperate need of help.

One day, a local noticed the beautiful white, ginger and black cat and took her over to the nearby vets. They had suspected her owners had taken off and abandoned her.  Luckily, Shanice, a Pause team member who works at the local vets, checked her microchip but sadly all of the phone numbers were invalid.

After being checked over by Shanice, poor Gypsy had sprained her leg but was treated immediately. Fortunately, with a little time and perseverance, she began to walk again with her leg now fully healed. The sad part was Gypsy was rather stressed and could not go outside as she didn’t particularly get on with other animals. Unfortunately, none of the local charities would take Gypsy because they were either full or she was too old, she’s only 7 years of age!

Whilst continuing to look for a home and still no luck, Shanice decided to ask Pause to post an advert on the cafes’ Facebook page. With hope on Gypsy’s side, John, a regular customer who discovered the café over a year ago and now attends our monthly art club, responded to the advert and contacted Shanice straight away.

After John took early retirement, John’s daughter-in-law who was living in Ringwood discovered a cat following her. After adopting the cat and naming her Rumps, they found out that she was pregnant. After Rumps had given birth, John decided to keep one of the kittens; his daughter kept one and gave the third to close buy carisoprodol online friends. John adopted the father tomcat but took off with the kitten and they both went back into ‘the wild’ losing both of his friends. Sometime later, John adopted another cat called Saski, who unfortunately had to be let go as they were moving in to a property where pets were not welcome. After this emotional experience, John’s daughter decided that he needed a cat as a companion as he was going through a tough time after this terrible loss.

On the 17th February, not only was it World Cat Day, Kindness Day and the 1st Anniversary of Pause opening, John’s luck changed after spotting a white cat sat on a wall outside of his flat. He said it ‘just sat there and it kept looking at me. I took a photograph of it. No one had seen it.’

Believing the cat was a sign; John saw Gypsy and contacted Shanice.  ‘When I saw Gypsy on the website, I thought yeah that’s the one’. She took Gypsy around his home and settled in as soon as she arrived. ‘Gypsy is the first cat I’ve had since then, where I live in Poole; they actually encourage you to have pets’.

We are pleased to say that she has flourished in to her new, cosy environment with John and have become the best of friends. John sends regular photographs and updates of Gypsy and her wonderful new home, and has become so much happier now she has come in to his life.  We are so glad that John and Gypsy found one another in times of need and emotional healing. We also hope their story has inspired you to share the importance of helping abandoned cats in need of rehoming and finding true friendship with animals.

If you’re inspired by John and Gypsy’s story and would like to offer a loving home to rescue cats, contact us for details of two adorable kitties who are in need of a home. Brothers Coco and Pops need a fresh start because they share their current home with someone who is allergic to them.