A Day in the Life of Liquorice Pause

A Day in the Life of Liquorice Pause

 As the sun rises on another purrfect day at Pause, I sit quietly downstairs waiting patiently for my breakfast, so I am ready to start the day and greet lots of friendly customers. I begin to wander around and survey my kingdom, and I find my partner in crime Marijke planning a sneaky strategy to spring up on my sister Bear. I decide to help my buddy by teaming up with her, and we both successfully chase her up the stairs. Put us two together and we turn into such a meowschievous pair! My big stepbrother, Clifford appears. He challenges me to a wrestle to which I accept without any hesitation. We commence our play fight but Clifford briskly gets the upper paw. I untangle myself from our knot and I decide that it’s a draw!  

It’s breakfast time!  I follow my other kitty family members in to the bedroom, excited to see my humans. I jump up and purrch myself up on to my favourite spot on top of the food cupboard. I occupy the lined up food bowls curious to see what my humans have prepared for me this morning – will it be chicken, beef or could it be fish today?

After breakfast, now a happy cat with a full belly, I officially start my journey by making my way up the stairs. But hold on a second, something interesting has caught my eye. A naughty little spider is sitting on the wall and I am certain that he is reporting my every move. I sit intently on the stairs and I observe him suspiciously, my eyes glued on his inferior body, thinking to myself ‘I am going to get that this thing no matter how long it takes!’ 10 minutes have passed and I am getting tired of waiting!  This spider is too high for me to catch and he is taunting me! Alas, I have been defeated. He is safe for now.

I continue my travels to the upstairs café and make my way to my favourite resting place at the front window, where I enjoy sunning my tiny toe beans. Suddenly, a little effective girl stops in front of the window and makes cute meowing impressions of me. I must have a secret admirer. I continue to lie in the beautiful sunshine when aha! Petrus shows up. I must devise a devious plan to surprise him. Ahh, I know what I’m going to do, this will work.  As I lie down,  I pretend to sharpen my claws on the scratching post and I plot to catch Petrus off guard. One, two, three I swiftly pounce and he quickly runs away ashamed of his defeat. Mission accomplished my plan worked!

30 minutes later, I continue my voyage under the café chairs and watch my best buds Marijke and Clifford contently as he chases her up on the climbing frame. I wonder who will win. Shortly after, mummy Jaya arrives and is so pleased to see me. I then decide to make my way to my other favourite spot on top of the stairs so I can quietly observe the top and bottom cafes where I am undisturbed even though humans and cats walk by me. As I am joined by my other pawsome pal Sweet Cheeks, my eyes fall on Michelle who is sat in the corridor. But I decide to leave her alone because she seems a little grumpy today.

One of my favourite games is to try and sneak in to the upstairs bedroom where Michelle, Petrus and Pumpkin’s rooms are. Us other cats aren’t supposed to go in there, which makes it all the more tempting! I choose my moment and try to squeeze in, but mummy Jaya catches me. Caught red pawed, I try and act innocent by pretending that I wasn’t going to go in. That will definitely convince her, I’m so sly.

I retire to the cat blanket chest for the rest of the afternoon with Clifford sleeping next to me. Comfy and cosy, I enjoy the glorious sun on my warm fur. With my eyes no longer able to stay open, I begin to dream peacefully without any disturbance amongst the snug blankets until the café closes.

Today has been a purrductive day.