Mental Health Awareness Week!

Mental Health Awareness Week!

Not only are we celebrating National Vegetarian week this week, with our new feature blog writer Claire, May 14th to 20th is also Mental Health Awareness week!

Mental health awareness week is all about stress in the workplace. We’re using this week to acknowledge stresses that can be found within the workplace, and ways we can cope with stress, as well as creating a healthy environment with support for our staff.

Mental health problems affect about 25% of people directly. As a Disability Confident Employer, almost 50% of the Pause Cat Cafe staff and volunteer team has a physical or mental health condition. We make sure each of our staff members and volunteers are given the best role and responsibilities to suit their needs. Working here can sometimes be a stress reliever in itself! Did you know research shows that volunteering can help to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety? It’s great for getting you feline good about yourself!

Volunteering as a chef, waiting staff, barista, or cat care assistant (to name a few) at Pause Cat Cafe can often be hard work, especially when its busy. We strive to make sure all of our employees and volunteers always feel valued, and that our environment isn’t just perfect for the kitties, it’s perfect for the staff too!

In January, we launched our Feline Good campaign, to help get people talking about mental health and to bring a bit of joy to the local community, and we want to make sure we carry out the aim of this campaign throughout everything we do! Talking about mental health, can often be the best relief for stress, and it’s a great way to share tips and advice for coping with stress, for people who are going through the same thing!

To help combat stress, we run a variety of stress reducing events and classes, to help get people relaxed! Our Colouring Group, Art Club, Cat Yoga and Kitten Yoga, are sure to get you feeling refreshed. Here at Pause Cat Cafe, we take pride in caring about how our customers and staff are feeling, not just the cats. We love being able to use our platform to spread a little, or a lot, of pawsitivity!



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