The Mewspaper

The Mewspaper

The kitties at Pause Cat Cafe know that inter-species bonding is the purrfect path to feline great. They love sharing cuddles and belly rubs with visitors from all over, creating smiles and giggles, helping people take time out from their daily lives and feel refreshed by connecting together.

Realising that people need to destress more furrequently than they might be able to visit Pause, and that some people aren’t lucky enough to live close by, our kitties have come up with a cunning purrlan to spread a little kitty love and to spread it furr and wide…

The Mewspaper

Launching on Blue Monday, to help curtail those winter blues, ‘The Mewspaper’ is an online email newsletter that will go out each month to existing Pause Cat Cafe subscribers and hopefully to some new cat-loving furriends who apurreciate the benefits of taking a few moments to unwind and destress.  The Mewspaper will include mood-boosting artickles written by the Pause rescue cats (who may have had a little editing help from cat experts and enthusiasts).

Each of the cafe’s cat has his or her own special interest area, incorpurrating animal behaviour, emotional wellbeing for both humans and animals, product reviews and compurrtitions, heartwarming stories and giggles…all aimed at bringing smiles to the cat-loving community and spreading a little bit of joy.

Pause Cat Cafe’s mission is kindness; to animals, our community and the environment. The Mewspaper will enable Pause to spread more kindness by helping to relieve stress and boost happiness for people even when they can’t get to the cafe.  It will also be a channel for encouraging good animal welfare and helping cat owners to understand their companions better through sharing the latest science, tips, and advice on cat behaviour.

“Purr yourself a cuppa, settle down and pause for a few moments of mew-time. Let us help your stresses fade away while we enter-tail you.”

Noodle, Poppet, Sweetcheeks, Michelle, Marijke, Aunty Anne, Petrus, Pumpkin, Max, Bear, Liquorice & Clifford

Meet the editors and find out what they’re meowing about…



If you are on board with our mission of kindness and can think of a kitty lover who might enjoy a little smile break, then purrlease help us to share the love. Refurr a friend to sign up to The Mewspaper and you can even earn points to spend on cool cat stuff!  Contact us if you’d like your own unique refurral code or share the link below for regular smiles delivered with love directly to your inbox.