Our Ethos & Values

Our Ethos

and values

Ethical living, community, innovation & quality.

A peaceful retreat

Pause Cat Cafe is a peaceful retreat where you can connect and make friends
(human and animal!), know that you are doing good, and be served excellent
quality, healthy, kind food and drink.

OUR ethos & values

We value ethical living, community, innovation and quality.


We provide a safe and happy home for our rescue cats. Everything we do starts with the cats’ welfare. Pause is their home, so their needs come first.


We care about your happiness and we want to provide a unique and wonderful environment for all cat lovers to feel welcome.


We care about helping our local community & work to ease specific issues such as loneliness, poverty, disability, poor health & education by using our café for many community and charitable projects.
Our work placements enable people with disabilities to gain confidence and skills in a therapeutic setting.


We believe in eating kindly; kind to our bodies, our environment, our community & to animals. Our food reflects this by showcasing the best locally sourced, sustainable, healthy, vegetarian & vegan artisan food. Our cafe is designed using recycled and reclaimed materials and we use eco-friendly products.

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Pawtecting our planet


Pause Cat Cafe opened as a place to nurture the bonds between humans and animals, and our mission is to promote kindness to animals, the community and our environment. Sustainability is at the heart of the Pause ethos…we are working hard for a sustainable future to benefit everyone, human and animal!

Help us spread the word about environmentally-friendly practices and encourage others to make eco-friendly choices that reduce everyone’s carbon pawprint. 

From the start, Pause prioritised its impact on the environment.  We transformed an unused estate agent building that had been empty for 3-years. In 2017 we transformed it using recycled and reclaimed materials, our workforce of volunteers upcycled and created fixtures and furniture for the cafe. The 4-month renovation and further expansion downstairs were completed by repurposing old secondhand furniture and unwanted household items. Our entire kitty paradise is fitted-out with upcycled, recycled and reclaimed materials… everything from the shop front to our catrobatic equipment is made from pre-loved goods. We even have a purrfectly cat-sized spiral staircase made from a rolling pin and a chopping board!

Our upcycled cafe is open to visitors who can spend time with our rescue kitty cats and purchase ethically sourced plant-based food and drink which is kind to the planet, reduces our impact on the ecosystem and is kind to animals too. All of our stock and kitty merchandise is sourced locally from sustainable, independent businesses and this is part of our movement towards a sustainable future. Pause cat  cafe is home to 11 rescue kitties who prove how impactful and amazing re-homing animals can be! Re-homing and fostering pets can also lessen the strain on rescue shelters and be a more nature friendly option than breeding. 

We have made every effort to ensure that we are as sustainable as pawsible. Our energy consumption is minimised by using only environmentally friendly energy suppliers. Ethics over cost-cutting! We also use environmentally friendly, animal-safe cleaning products and use  eco-friendly wooden cat litter for our kitties. 

We use recyclable and compostable materials in every aspect of Pause, from recycled paper leaflets to biodegradable straws and bin bags. We even recycle receipt paper to take orders as well as using digital methods to reduce our paper usage. Obfurously we always avoid plastics! We minimise waste in every way we can by reusing things where possible and by closely controlling our stock. Any waste we do produce is involved in a  strict waste separation process of  food waste, recyclable and general waste. We have also pawticipated in many recycling initiatives and run workshops on upcycling, recycling and sustainable living.

Of course our glorious rescue kitties are ‘secondhand’ so we truly appreciate the value of giving things a second chance to reach their fabulous pawtential! Our furry own rehomed kitties wrote their mews on the subject, you might like to check out “Old and Mew” for more ideas on keeping our world wonderful for all beings, whatever species we may be! For more ways to ensure your prior possessions don’t end up in a landfill pile, visit recyclenow.com.