Pause has got the community feel from the off…

Pause has got the community feel from the off…

Overwhelmingly, 62 people have contributed to our crowdfunding campaign in just a couple of days, with amounts ranging from £5 to £5,000. Rooney and I want to say a massive thank you to everybody who has backed us so far, shared and talked about Pause Cat Cafe; if we manage to reach our £25,000 crowdfunding target, you will all have had a part in making this kitty-pipe-dream into a real-life pussy-paradise.

A lot of very special people have offered their love, time and dosh to get us this far…too many to mention actually, but sincere thanks are in our hearts for each and every person who has supported us…

We are very excited about our crowdfunding video, and would like to say special thanks to Steve McCarten from Kinetic Film who donated his time and equipment to shoot and edit the film. Obviously we are over the moon with the endorsement from the big man himself: thanks Goldie!

Thanks to UK leading animal behaviourist Roger Mugford who has given helpful advice and phone support throughout, Spring Corner Vets, as well as countless other leading animal experts and top UK charities.

Our lovely press shots by the talented Rod Lewis Photography helped us get some column inches, and thank you to the local press who have supported us including Tara Russell from Bournemouth Echo, Steve Harris and Julian Clegg from BBC Radio Solent.

Lineup Media and Squidge and Pop have been donating their expertise and creativity for some great fun PR stunts with more to come…OMG I’m so excited, you guys are going to love it!

Prepare your taste buds!  Food, glorious food, is incoming thanks to the voluntary talents of chef Ian Gibbs and Caroline Neill, with hospitality guidance from the one-and-only Adam Terpening.

Interior design support by the gorgeous and talented Siobhan Begley will be turning our crowdfunding donations into a purrfect place for cats to play.

The A-team who have supported the process from idea to inception; Max and Helen Byrne, James Davidson, Neo Meyo, Sam Edmondson (who even came up with the name), Dorothy Sulzmann of D-Zine Lounge (who lent me her office and her design skills), Sorrelle and Glenn Ford (cake, giggles and emotional support), Ruth Haydock, Miles Procter, besties Ellie and Maia Horowskyj, Sam and Lisa, Laura and Will and Barbie Trussler. My BFF Michelle Louise Connor RIP (and her fluffy cat Heidi) for igniting my love of cats and who’s craziness forever lives on in me.

Everybody who has donated their skills and labour during the refurbishment: Ed Barnes, Trapper and Craig, Phil Copson, Ernie and Louis Gale, Kevin Linzner, Warren Ginder, Tom and Amber Dubyes, Ose Price, Scott Bunter and Lisa Stapley, Tara Walker, Asmah Mansur-Williams, Liz Jamieson and Emma Rogers.  Special thanks to Chloe and the D of E students of Tregonwell Academy for their weekly volunteering of all varieties.

Advice and pep-talks from Tarek El-dars FR8/Omelettos, Tom Russell Anvil/Buffalo/Four Horsemen, Katie from Mog-on-the-Tyne, Kamil and Ewelina Obrebska from Mad Cucumber, Joel Lovett of South Coast Roast, Edwina Young and Sam Freeman of Laceys, Sam Howell and Mary Locke, Matt Newnham of the IT Department, Amanda Jarvis of Steam Tea Rooms, Donna from the Paddle, Josh from Cuckoos, Damien et al at Mr Lee’s Noodles and many more besides.

Homepage donation code creation by the extremely creative creatures at Createful, and the lend of homepages from Silicon South, Laceys, Coast, Createful, Lineup Media and the Boardroom UK.

Volunteers who made it all possible: Niclas Hampfe, Christoph Berndt, Clemens Schwarzenberg, Steffen Müller, Silvia Aparicio, Katrin Oesterwinter, Maggie Rohnbogner, Teila Hurlock and Ellen Booth.

Gifts from Maggie and John Davidson, Annie and Pete Towersey, Mishca Davies and Maria Grundmann in memory of John Andrews.

On-site therapy from doggy guests  (before the cats move in!) Rosie, Gwillum and other four-legged fluffies. The inspiration behind it all and the first cat to ever win my heart; my loving, beautiful, fluffy feline friend Rooney who keeps me sane and makes sure I get frequent cuddle breaks when working into the night at home.

My secret benefactor who bought me a computer so I could follow my dream, I know you didn’t want to be mentioned but I am so grateful that I couldn’t resist!

And the biggest help of all has come from my long-suffering carpenter, creative problem-solver, inadvertent project manager, director of all-things-wood.  Occasionally a little cheeky, but always fabulous – Simon Clissold, who has worked many weekends, late nights and early mornings to keep the refurbishment on track and put up with me.

To all of you, and the many more that I haven’t mentioned yet…


Now, let’s raise the dosh to get this place open!