Feline Fresh for Summer – Auspiciate Nutrition Blog

Feline Fresh for Summer – Auspiciate Nutrition Blog

Happy June, kitty lovers!

Summer is in the air! Woop Woop! And with the change of seasons comes a change within ourselves too, a shift into a different phase of our life’s journey – blossoming into the fullness of ourselves; dancing harmoniously with nature. Our bodies are geared up for change, movement, expression and lots of outdoor fun! So we need to stay light, bright and full of dynamic energy to make the most out of these shining summer months.

One kick-ass way to do this is with our food choices! We can choose the right foods (for our own personal needs) to keep us in our vibrant state: choosing light and bright foods will generate a light and bright YOU!

Our bodies love water, and so during this (hopefully!!) sunny spell of the year, eating lots of raw fresh fruits and vegetables will be integral to keeping your hydration on point and your energy fresh and vibrant! Wondering which ones to choose? Listen to your body! If you get cravings for certain foods: take note and take action. Your body is a powerful healing machine that can alert you to what is needed to bring you back to balance – so take time to *Pause* and listen to the infinite wisdom inside of you! If you would like to find out more about intuitive eating and how to practice it, you can contact me via my website: www.auspiciate.com.

Some yummy food suggestions for you to try over the next month:

Avocado! Between their healthy plant-based fats (often lacking in our Western diet) and their cooling and creamy texture, you have a winning combination on a summer’s day – try it on some lightly toasted sourdough and some creamy butter or vegan spread! Yum!

Or if cooking and prepping isn’t really your style, there’s an even easier way to pack in the nutrients and stay cool by making a smoothie! Just acquire some kind of blending machine, chuck in your desired ingredients, turn it on and as easy as that, you have yourself an amazing and nutritious meal!

If you really want to just chill out this month, and be purrfectly pampered, Pause offers a variety of vegan and gluten-free avocado options as well as deliciously nutritious smoothies to cool you down before heading off to the beach!

The flavour of the month:

Pina-cat-lada Mock-tail Recipe

Pineapple – anti-inflammatory, immune system boosting amongst other amazing benefits!
Coconut water – super hydrating and packed with vital nutrients
Lime is good for digestion and detoxifying

If you have a juicer:

Put a third of a pineapple and half of a peeled lime into your juicer
Pour into glass, fill rest of glass with coconut water
Serve with ice and a slice of lime

If you don’t have a juicer:

Three-quarters of a glass of coconut water
A quarter of a glass of fresh pineapple juice
A good squeeze of fresh lime to taste
Serve with ice and a slice of lime

If you can’t be bothered:

Book at meow.pausecatcafe.co.uk
Order a Pina-cat-lada
Let us do the hard work while you’re relaxing with Marijke
Be careful though, she’ll try to steal your straw!

So pop in, say hello! Try something new, dine with some adorable kitties and take in the lovely Pause atmosphere.

Have a great month!



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