The Purrfect Pride

The Purrfect Pride

Diversity is defurnitely something to celebrate. The diffurences between us are what make life more colourful and just a bit brighter. In my artickle about Pride i’ll share my mews on diversity, history of the rainbow flag and Bourne Free Festival as well as a couple of pics of our cattendants at Bourne Free.

“Hi, I’m Max…

My brother Pumpkin and I are the only orange members of the twelve-strong Pause cat family, but we fit right in just like everyone else, no matter what colour our fur is, and everyone loves us just as we are! We  are always purroud to be unique!


max and pumpkin pause's ginger cats celebrating their pride
Here at Pause we are Purroud to be diffurent, and Look, here I am with Pumpkin, showing off our Purride!

We purride ourselves on difursity. Sexual orientation and gender don’t matter to cats,  everyone at Pause can be who they want to be. Our staff, volunteers and visitors are all deliciously difurent and everyone is welcome. We loved the opurrtunity to use the symbol of the rainbow to show that while we celebrated Pride!

The history of the purride rainbow

The rainbow has been used as the symbol of LGBT Pride movements for many years, and across the world. But its history goes back to the seventies. In 1977, a man named Harvey Milk was the first openly gay man to be elected to public office in California. Along with some of his peers, Cleve Jones, and Artie Bressan, Milk urged San Franciscan queer artist Gilbert Baker to create a recognizable “emblem of empowerment for the queer community”.

“I thought of the American flag with its thirteen stripes and thirteen stars, the colonies breaking away from England to form the United States,” he wrote. “I thought of the vertical red, white, and blue tricolor from the French Revolution and how both flags owed their beginnings to a riot, a rebellion, or revolution. I thought a gay nation should have a flag too, to proclaim its own idea of power.”

On an evening out dancing with Cleve Jones, Baker looked around himself at the many different people he saw…

“We were all in a swirl of color and light. It was like a rainbow.  A rainbow. That’s the moment when I knew exactly what kind of flag I would make.”

Gilbert Baker


Bourne Free is Bournemouth’s annual LGBTQ+ Pride event. It’s been held in Bournemouth every year since 2004 (that’s older than any of us kitties at Pause! Wow!) and is committed to raising awareness and striving for universal equality for all through entertainment!

Each year they host an eventful weekend in July. On the Friday of Bourne Free, there is a free-to-attend family event, with a screening of a film for all the family (this year it was Inside Out (my favourite scene is the one inside the cat’s brain, that’s what it’s like at Pause all the time)!  On Saturday is the parade, the Bandstand, and the Triangle Arena, with loads of performers and entertainment for the whole family. Our human Pause team members were stationed in Bournemouth Gardens on Saturday.


The theme for this year’s Bourne free was “Paint the World With Your Pride” and a group of Pause team members (the human ones, not the cats!) joined in the celebrations with a stall offuring rainbow face painting and colourful tutus for the cat-loving crowds. Being a Bournemouth-born-business, we have a lot of pride for the town as well. The humans came back excitedly and told me their tails of the event and showed me some pics. They loved being a pawt of the festivities and they had a purrilliant time!


“Hi, I’m Max…

I am Pause’s proud LGBT representative.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my musings!  If you’d like to hear more from me, furriend me on Facebook Max Pause and Instagram @maxpausecatcafe


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