An easy way to help us raise funds…

An easy way to help us raise funds…


We are so happy to be a charity partner with Cudo Donate.  If you haven’t heard of Cudo Donate, here is a little background information about what this cool company does. 

“Cudo Donate provides an innovative, convenient way for charity supporters to give- one that doesn’t make a big impact on household or corporate budgets- by donating spare computing power. Cudo Donate’s software operates quietly in the background on your computer as you go about your daily business. It harvests and uses spare processing power to help those in need by mining cryptocurrency. Every supporter’s computer can now create an income stream for their chosen charity. A typical home computer can raise £10-30 a month. The cost? A few pennies in electricity every day.’’

If you are wondering how this actually works, this is how:

Cudo Donate is a software program that is normally installed on a desktop or laptop. The software uses the computer’s spare processing power to mine cryptocurrency on behalf of the charity. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that exists entirely online. Cryptocurrency is built on the technology called blockchain that is all but impervious to hacks or fraud. This cryptocurrency can then be exchanged for fiat currency. The mining software does not pose any risk to the hardware, software, or any personal data that may be stored.

Cool, huh?  Now that we have partnered with Cudo Donate, this is a unique and sustainable way you can help us raise funds for our disability-friendly kitchen campaign. We are currently trying to raise funds to transform our kitchen into a disability-friendly kitchen and training space. This will allow us to help people with disabilities learn food handling skills. Our charity partner for the Kind Kitchen campaign is Valley of Hope Children’s Foundation. This charity offers work for those who are disadvantaged; building their confidence, esteem and social and employability skills. On the 4th May, we hosted an event for Valley of Hope Children’s Foundation raising £700, which paid the school fees for a whole year for 4 Kenyan children.

If you would like to help us raise money through Cudo Donate, you can follow these steps:

Steps to donate through Cudo Donate:

  • Go to
  • Select ‘Valley of Hope Children’s Foundation’.
  • Install the software programme that uses your spare computing power to raise money for the Valley of Hope Children’s Foundation, compatible with Windows and Mac.
  • The software operates quietly in the background, coming to life when your computer is idle, allowing it to volunteer its spare computing power.
  • Your computer teams up with other computers to solve complex online mathematical problems, this process is called ‘mining’ where rewards are earned for the charity.

By donating your spare computing power, you can make a huge difference to Valley of Hope Children’s Foundation. With your support, we can create the funds we need to achieve our mission to create a disability-friendly training space to help more volunteers gain the valuable experience they deserve.

Thank you so much!

From all the team and kitties at Pause.


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