‘Feline Creative’ – Art and Music Jam – March 11th



Feline creative?

Come along to a unique, fun and different experience here at Pause Cat Cafe.

Enjoy relaxing with our resident cats, food and drinks, get your creative juices flowing and meet new people.  We welcome all types of creativity into a relaxed space where you can acoustic jam with your instruments, sing, practice or create poetry and spoken word.   Purrhaps you’re into crafts such as drawing, knitting, crochet, and colouring…bring your own supplies; sketchbooks, pens, colouring pencils. Suitable for any creative skill level. Children over 13 welcome.

Please check out our cat care guidelines here: https:/pausecatcafe.co.uk/cat-care-rules

£5 per person and you can arrive anytime between 5-7pm. We close at 7pm.


Calm cats colouring group
* This monthly group is about providing an opportunity for individuals to gather, sharing our love of adult colouring books and calm cattitude, in the company of kitties.
* This group is voluntarily hosted by Louise (creator and admin of Facebook pages ‘Lou Calm Bournemouth’ and ‘CALM Cats’)
* Art materials are not provided for free, this is a “bring your own” group


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