Cat Mindfulness – Forgiveness – 27th of January


You might have a pace of life which is busy and demanding. Pause offers you this unique chance to meet a Mindfulness Mentor and local author who can help you notice the moments between the breaths.

Dr. Neomie Da Costa, B. Msc.D brings you this workshop designed to show you how to Pause for a while to appreciate the blessings of nature.

  • Slow your life down so that you can enjoy it more.
  • The session will be focused on forgiveness

Behind many of life’s problems is a need to forgive.  Forgiveness doesn’t mean releasing anybody from being accountable, it just means releasing the victim from the pain.  This session will help you to forgive others who have hurt you, and more importantly, to forgive yourself for the pain you have caused to yourself.  Come along and experience forgiveness in a safe and comforting environment – leave feeling lighter without breaking a sweat
Food and drink menu available: discount of 10% off any food if you show your event ticket.

As well as the 1-hour Mindfulness there’s an option to spend another hour in the cafe after the class to play with the cats, have some food and drinks and to mingle with the other attendees.

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