Children’s Menu


Our special menu for your own little kittens:

  • A small drink from the selection below
  • Apple and cucumber sticks
  • A sandwich on white bread, with the filling of your choice or cheese and/or beans on a slice of toast (vegan and gluten-free available)

You don’t need to choose your child’s menu options in advance, but it should help to speed things up if you do. We can be a little slower than a standard cafe because we offer placements for people who have physical disabilities and learning difficulties.

Vegan (vg) and gluten-free (gf) options are available, please let us know if you would like your child’s meal vegan (vgo) and/or gluten-free (gfo).

Upon entry, please show your email receipt (on your phone is fine) to the team so we can get your child’s meal ready.

Only for use with a booking or event entry at Pause Cat Cafe

  • This product includes food and drink only, and does not include cover charge/entry.
  • Please book a table or event entry on our website, if you haven’t already.
  • For children under the age of 13 please make sure you book a child-friendly table (tables 9 & 10) on our website. Due to licensing, we cannot honour bookings including under 13s unless they are booked onto a child-friendly table or by prior agreement in writing from Pause management.
2 Categories

Sandwich filling

Cheese (contains dairy) (vgo, gfo), Marmite (vg), Cheese and marmite (contains dairy) (vgo), Jam (vg, gfo), Peanut Butter (vg, gfo, contains peanuts), Choose on the day (may take longer)

Drink choice

Apple Juice, Orange Juice, Milk (dairy), Milk (soya), Milk (oat), Milk (coconut), Choose on the day (may take longer)