SEN Adults Workshop – 17th February


*Please comment if you have a special requirement (for example, if you are bringing in a wheelchair) in order for us to accommodate you properly. 

This is a Workshop about Cat Welfare that is designed for adults with learning disabilities and special educational needs. It is held on the ground floor level of the cafe, which has wheelchair access and an accessible toilet.

The event is 10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. This is before the usual cafe opening time to provide a more relaxing environment for guests.

The cost is just the normal cover charge of £5 per person.

It’s a fun, interactive class teaching you about cat welfare.  The workshop will run for an hour and the session will be split into two parts. 30 minutes of activities and 30 minutes of free time; where you can interact with the cats in the cafe, join in with a colouring activity or enjoy some yummy food and drink.

As the event is held before the usual opening time, only snacks such as flapjack, cookies and nachos are available but if you would like to eat anything from our main menu, our chef arrives at midday so please feel free to book a table and stay longer or contact us to help you book.

We ask that anybody requiring support brings a carer or friend with them, who knows their needs as we are not extensively trained and do not hold DBS checks. If any guest attending does need to bring support, carers can come free of charge.  Please share our cat care guidelines with all attendees in advance of your visit: https:/

For enquiries please email

We can’t wait to see you there!






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