Surprise Table Gift


Celebrating a special occasion at Pause? Help us create the purrfect surprise ‘tail’ored to your loved one, waiting on your table to create the WOW factor to make any kitty-lover purr with delight.

Purrfect for birthdays, anniversaries or just as a souvenir to treat yourself or somebody you love…our Surprise Table Gift will make your visit a truly an un-fur-gettable experience!

  • A gift bag for the person being treated, waiting on your table, including your selection of gifts from below
  • A little tour of the private cat areas for two people
  • A polaroid photo to remember your visit
    (please remember to ask our staff to take your photo)


  • Food and drink are not included but are available from our menu on the day, or you can save money with one of our pre-pay deals.

Please note, this does not include entry, which must be bought separately on our booking page.

1 Category

Card £1

Card, No card

Badge £1.50

Badge, No badge

Tote Bag £5

Tote Bag, No tote bag

Celebration Cake £5

Celebration Cake, No cake

Mug £7.50

Mug, No mug

T-Shirt £15

White T-Shirt Small, White T-Shirt Medium, White T-Shirt Large, White T-Shirt Extra Large, White T-Shirt XXL, Grey T-Shirt Small, Grey T-Shirt Medium, Grey T-Shirt Large, Grey T-Shirt Extra Large, Grey T-Shirt XXL, No T-Shirt