Seeing a spark

Seeing a spark

Meowvellousness can be hidden beneath shyness or insecurity when we are worried to try new things, for fear of failure. Sometimes all we need is someone to believe in us, and help us uncover the strength inside. We are all different, with different backgrounds, challenges and ways of thinking…but we have one thing in common: given acceptance and loving kindness; we will eventually reveal our best selves.

Hi, I’m Rooney…

I am a rescue cat.

When children come to visit Pause Cat Cafe, Jaya asks them if they know what rescue cats are. They often reply “Um, are they cats who rescue people?” and I guess that’s not such a silly answer in reality…

I had been moving from place to place and was feeling very unsettled, I found myself staying with some people in a shared house, who had been charged with looking after me for 6-months while my current owner found someone else to take me on. The people who were looking after me were very nice but I didn’t really feel secure after so many moves and I was so shy that I spent almost the entire 6-months hiding behind the sofa, creeping out to eat my dinner when I knew that nobody was around. In the house, I earned the title ‘crap cat’ because I didn’t offer the human residents any of the normal cat benefits such as companionship and cuddles. There was one housemate who saw my purrtential though. She gave me time and space, and gradually I began to trust her enough to come out when she was in the room. Slowly our bond grew. When the time came for me to leave, none of the other housemates wanted me, but Jaya saw a spark that nobody else could see and fought to keep me.  That was in 2011, and we have been the closest of companions ever since.

My purrogress has been slow, and I’ll be honest and say that even I didn’t know I would end up being this comfurtable around people, but I now feel unrecognisable from the timid cat I once was. The change has been gradual but every now and then I conquer a new achievement, like enjoying a cuddle, sitting on a lap, happily grooming myself in a dinner party full of jovial noisy people, and allowing strangers to pet me… now I’m more ‘top cat’ than ‘crap cat’ and I feel totally transformed.

Jaya’s friend just popped round and bounded over to give me a stroke, she proclaimed loudly “Isn’t he a friendly cat” I looked at Jaya and she smiled at me, years of progress summarised in a glance between us. If you see a spark in someone, human or animal, give them some time and watch them reveal the shining star that’s inside.

Rescue Cats who Rescue People

Even though I live at home with Jaya, I’m purroud to think that my transfurmation inspired the ‘kindness’ ethos that underpins Pause. Because of our journey together, she knew to trust her instinct when she built her furry family there, by taking in cats who other people had overlooked. Through nurture and love, they are becoming top cats like me.  That ethos doesn’t just apply to the feline family either. I know that Pause has some very special humans working there too, who didn’t always know how special they were; just like I didn’t know how happy I could become.

Being around the cats and nurturing another being can really help people to feel relaxed and more positive (or as we like to say, ‘Pausitive”!), we can share an unconditional loving bond that helps both of us to feel stronger. It does make me wonder if maybe the kids are right about rescue cats being cats who rescue people after all.

Feel inspired?

Please watch our SuperPeople video about how wonderful people grow and shine when given the chance to show what they are capable of.  If you are inspired by the transfurmation of our shining stars, you could help us share the message on Facebook too and help us reach our ambitious target of 20,000 views!

…With kitty kindness, from Rooney”

I hope you enjoyed my furst artickle. If you’d like to hear more mews from me, follow me on Facebook Rooney Pause and Instagram @RooneyPause


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