Please share our charitable campaign with Spring Corner Vets, helping neuter cats in low income homes

Please share our charitable campaign with Spring Corner Vets, helping neuter cats in low income homes

Respected animal charities agree that neutering is essential to improve animal welfare. We’re working with Spring Corner Vets on a neutering campaign to reduce the vast numbers of homeless and unwanted cats.  Spring Corner are offering cat neutering for a massively subsidised £10 until the end of April for those on a low income. 

We are so happy to be supporting this cause, especially because we know first hand how important neutering is, by the story of our very own mummy cat, Michelle. Michelle was found with her 3 kittens; Noodle, Poppet and Sweetcheeks, when she was approximately 6 months old and still a kitten herself! We wanted to share Michelle’s story, to spread the word that neutering at a young age is very important for your feline friends:

Michelle was a young mum, alone, homeless and in need.

A man called Chris noticed the stunning pure white cat in the bushes near his house in Leeds. She was in the same place for about a month, so he started to suspect that she was homeless. She would not let him come near her or stroke her and was very defensive, she didn’t seem used to people at all so it seemed she was feral. She was also completely mute.

One day he passed, and to his surprise, she had some tiny newborn black kittens with her.  He managed to put them all into a cardboard box and took them into his nearby home where he fed and kept them warm.  He contacted his local vets and rescue charities, who all told him to keep them as they had no space for them. He was unable to keep them in his flat but had seen Pause on Facebook so he contacted us, hoping that we might be able to take the family in.  At the time, we had no space, so we launched a fundraising campaign to open our basement and provide a forever home for the stray family. We didn’t raise enough, but we felt unable to turn them away. Thankfully, the craftsman who built Pause; Simon Clissold, came to the stray family’s rescue and completed the extension voluntarily. Chris looked after the family until they were old enough to come to Pause, and we drove up to collect them on 9th May 2017.

After being seen by the vets, it turned out that Michelle was still a kitten herself, estimated to be under a year old. Shockingly, the vet said it was her second litter of kittens, we dread to think what became of the first litter. As soon as she was fully recovered from having her kittens and feeding them, we took her to Spring Corner Vets to be neutered to stop this ordeal from happening to her again.  When her kittens were old enough, Spring Corner neutered them too. Having them neutered at a young age not only prevents unwanted pregnancy but it is also quicker for them to recover.

We weren’t sure if a completely feral cat like Michelle would settle in at Pause, and just as we do for all of our cats, we arranged a backup home just in case. We are delighted to say that she has blossomed in this environment and now she enjoys a stroke and a cuddle and sits on customers laps from time to time – she even meows and purrs! She is usually found sitting on the tables of the cafe looking longingly at somebody’s cheese or snoozing on the bench seats. Her kittens are now 1 year old and love socialising and playing with the other cats and people who come to visit them. Poppet is known to jump on people’s shoulders so she’s earned her nickname ‘Parrot’!

We love Michelle and her kittens, but they were lucky to be found by Chris and to end up in their forever home here at Pause. We hope her story also inspires you to share this important campaign and to help improve the lives of local animals; Michelle and her second litter were lucky to find their happy ending. Let’s not put any more little lives at risk. Help us to prevent young kitten pregnancies and reduce the number of unwanted cats that rescue charities are struggling to find homes for.

Contact Spring Corner Vets today on 01202 497834 to book an appointment in April.

Neuter your cat for £10 in April