Our cats are going bananas over kit-tea! – Auspiciate Nutrition Blog

Our cats are going bananas over kit-tea! – Auspiciate Nutrition Blog

Happy July folks! As I’m sure you’ve noticed, it’s been rather hot this summer so far! I’ve been doing all I can to keep myself cool, and the same goes for my 18-year-old kitty! Our tactic to stay cool has been quite similar: plenty of rest by the fan, plenty of water and eating cold, healthful foods, little and often. When it boils down to it, there isn’t much difference between us and our kitty companions, and I love that I get to spend lots of time with my munchkin so that I have the oppurrtunity to recognise that. What a blessing cats are!

So, since I haven’t heard of the weather changing course any time soon, I’ve got two little suggestions for you (not so much for your kitty companion) to help cool you down and keep your body balanced and healthful during this unseasonal (but extremely welcomed!) heatwave.

Suggestion number one: drink a hot cup of tea! Now before anyone thinks I’m crazy to drink something hot on a hot day, know that for the years my Mum would tell me about it, I would think she was crazy too, until I tried it for myself and noticed it does work – just as long as your body is able to sweat effectively. The tea will raise your core body temperature and cause your body to sweat-out any excess heat, thus cooling you down! Pretty amazing how the body works isn’t it? And why not amplify the healthful effects by trying a new herbal tea you haven’t tried before? Here’s some great suggestions for you:

  • Nettle tea – a great detoxifier and blood cleanser
  • Fennel tea – a great decongestant for any seasonal allergy sufferers
  • Mint tea – a natural cooling and soothing effect

Suggestion number two: sometimes, no matter how much the advice you get makes sense, you just cannot bring yourself to have a hot drink on a scorching day, and I totally get that (if you are struggling with the idea, know that you can always make the above into iced teas, and still get the great benefits!), but for those looking for some food-stuffs, here’s a nice and simple, super healthy and super cold recipe for you to try:

Banana Ice Cream

Banana is such a versatile ingredient, and its consistency makes it purrfect for a decatdent ice cream.

You can just chop or mash it up (the more you do, the better the consistency)
Put it in the freezer for 30 – 60 minutes (until it’s nice and frozen, but not too frozen) and
Just blend it all together with some kind of milk in a food processor (or a fork/whisk if you are feeling strong!)
Until your desired, creamy consistency.
Put it in a bowl, add any toppings you would enjoy (nuts, fruits, sauces etc.) and there you have it.
Delicious, healthful, homemade ice cream.

Stay cool and stay happy!
Until next time!


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