8 Ways Having Cats Can Benefit Children

8 Ways Having Cats Can Benefit Children

Welcome back, friends of Pause! In today’s artickle I share my views on how spending time with a companion cat can help children in a variety of different ways!

“Hi, I’m Michelle…

You might remember me from my last post, where I also talked about cats and human kittens and the special bond they can have. Last time I touched on the mutually bene-fur-cial relationship that children and cats can have, and now I’m going to go into some more depth.

As a young mother myself, I know how happy my little ones make me. I have three! Poppet, Sweetcheeks and Noodle are happy little rascals and when they’re happy, it makes me happy too. And they’re so great with human children, they never get tired of playing and the attention they get from little ones!

Not only do my little ones get joy from playing with human children, but human children can also benefit from being around cats. Here are just a few ways in which owning or being around cats can be good for young children!


Learning to understand what your cat wants and needs from their behaviour and knowing when to give them space is a really valuable skill for children to have! It teaches them to respect other creatures, big or small, and how their actions (like if they’re playing too rough) can affect others!

 2. TEACHING patience and sharing

It takes time to train cats, and with time there needs to be patience. And, as we all know, it’s important for everyone to learn to share! I certainly had to learn when I came to the café, having to share food and attention from my slaves! And having cats helps children learn to share, especially if they have siblings. They will learn how to appreciate a cat’s attention when it comes and let others play and have cuddles as well!

3. encouraging a sense of responsibility

Everyone knows this one! Having pets is a big responsibility. We’re putting our lives in your hands! So for children to learn that they must feed, play with and look after a cat every day is a huge learning curve!

Aunty Anne on the stairs 4. less stress = better health

It’s actually been proven that the purring of a cat is around the same frequency that has a positive effect on human bones and joint mobility!

Not only this, but our gentle purring and cuddles with your furry friend drastically help relieve human stress, which has a knock-on effect on humans’ risk of cardiovascular issues!

Just look at my friend Aunty here, even at her age (don’t tell her I told you, but she’s thirteen!), she’s still climbing the stairs and playing with the rest of us. So there definitely is something healing about kitties and their purrs!

5. reduced risk of allergies and asthma

As cats, we can even help your little humans have a reduced risk of allergies and asthma as they get older! Being around cats and our fur from an early age helps your little ones become immune to allergies and other illnesses.

“High pet exposure early in life appears to protect against not only pet allergy but also other types of common allergies, such as allergy to dust mites, ragweed, and grass”

Marshall Plaut M.D., NIAID

6.learning about animal welfare, behaviour & biology

My human slaves know lots about cat welfare and behaviour, so that if there’s something wrong with me or one of the Pause kitty family, they know straight away! When you own a cat it’s no different, and your little humans will most likely learn all about the ins and outs of cat safety, behaviour, and even biology over your time together! Who knows, you might have a future veterinarian or Pause cat care expert in the making!


Many young children refer to their cats as their best friends, and I’m sure most adults would, too! Cats and humans have had a special bond for over 12,000 years, and this special bond only gets stronger as we both learn more about each other and care for each other. I think of my human slaves as my family, not just my slaves!

8.joy and love!

“Cats just love. They don’t ask for anything, they don’t judge us or make demands. There’s nothing complicated about a relationship with a cat.”

– Angie Bailey, Catster

At the end of the day, having pets (especially cats, if I do say so myself) brings a sense of joy and love into the home. With twelve cats here at Pause, we have plenty of both. Cats bring comfort, affection, entertainment, and most of all, love. And there is nothing more important than love!

Well, except maybe my treats.

If your little ones love kitties, why not bring them to our Children’s Workshops? We hope to see you there!

We also have our SEN Children’s Workshop, specially tailored for special educational needs and children with disabilities.

If you have any questions drop us a line at hello@pausecatcafe.com

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