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We’ve put together some of our frequently asked questions, if you have a question that is not displayed here then get in touch now, we’ll be happy to answer them

We gratefully accept donations of food, toys, bedding and similar items for the cats. We rely on the kindness of our visitors to keep our kitties in luxury!

We can’t use anything that’s already been opened so food packets must be sealed.  Clifford & Michelle eat grain-free, and the other cats will enjoy almost anything!

If you would like to donate any pre-loved cat toys or bedding, please bag them – we have a policy that we must flea spray and hot wash any fabric donations in case of infection.

Alternatively, we would be extremely grateful of a financial donation towards our work. The kitties get through a lot of litter!

Thank you again for your kindness.

Sorry but it would not be suitable to bring other cats into the cafe environment. Our cats have been through a long adjustment process; meeting and finding their paws with each other, moving into a new home together and  fine tuning their new social life. Adding an ‘outsider’ cat to this would cause stress and territorial fights. You are very welcome to book a table to visit us without your cat though.

We have 10 cats in our cafe, which is large and spread over two floors. Some cat cafes have many more cats for the size of cafe, which may be more fun for the customers but can be stressful for the cats. The cats having a happy home is our priority, so we don’t want to overcrowd them. We are sure all cat lovers will understand that. You can meet our kitties here and find them all on social media to get acquainted before your visit.

We don’t work with one particular animal rescue centre, most of our cats came to us by word of mouth. When we announced that we would be opening, lots of people contacted us asking us to take cats in but our cat recruitment process was stricter than for our human team!   We could only consider cats who were friendly with other cats and who adore fuss and attention from people. We had to say no to any cats who liked going outdoors, as they wouldn’t have settled well here. We also had to turn away any cats who had infectious health conditions that could have been passed to other cats or people, so each cat was thoroughly tested before coming to us.  Our vets at Spring Corner neutered all of our cats because a cat cafe is not a suitable environment for a pregnant cat or newborn kittens. 

  • Bear, Clifford and Liquorice’s owner passed away. They had been her therapy cats
  • Marijke’s owners were allergic to her. She came to us as a kitten
  • Max and Pumpkin were left at a friend’s house, but they couldn’t keep them
  • Michelle and her kittens Noodle, Poppet and Sweetcheeks were found in a bush
  • Petrus was found on the streets as a very poorly kitten. He was handed into our vets at Spring Corner who nursed him back to health

We were delighted to home Michelle and her kittens because our animal behaviour experts had already advised us to try to home a litter, saying they would be happiest as a family group and would get used to socialising from a young age.

The short answer is ‘no – the cats have their forever home here’ – it takes a little explanation as to why: 

We sought advice from the UK’s leading animal behaviourists, who advised strongly against re-homing cats from the cafe. In fact, another cat cafe was under criticism from animal rights and animal welfare campaigners when they said they were going to re-home cats, and they eventually changed their policy.

Re-homing would be very stressful and unsettling for the cats. Cats living with other cats form a colony, a family group, with their own hierarchy and territories within the cafe – if you bring cats in or out of that, it unsettles the group and stresses the cats out a lot. So they never actually feel settled or at home.  We decided it was better to help and rehabilitate 12 cats properly than to have lots of unhappy cats. Also, our cats have such a good life in the cafe with constant love and care and are never left unattended so we think they would be unhappy anywhere else after getting used to being lavished with attention and stimulation all the time here, it would be like a downgrade for them.  We do have backup families ready for every one of our cats, just in case they stop loving cafe life, but they have formed such strong bonds with the other cats and the staff and volunteers, they would miss each other if they moved away! 

We do promote re-homing of rescue cats and have so far helped many cats to find their forever homes by spreading the word on our social media and blogs.

We take it in turns to stay with the cats at night, so they are never left alone. We also have CCTV supervision by our managers, we have a super-duper alarm system and the owner and manager both live 5-mins away. The cats each have their own bedrooms with microchip entry – containing their food, a comfy bed and their own toys – if they want some me(ow) time, but they can come and go from their rooms as they please and often like to sleep in the cafe or on a comfy lap! Our kitties are never locked up and are free to roam the cafe area but we put some doors up towards the front of the cafe at night to keep them back from the window so they are extra safe and do not attract attention from excited passers-by.


We’ve put together a list of all our frequently asked questions that covers areas such as animal welfare and cleanliness & hygiene. Read them now…