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Are you helping cats?

Yes, for many reasons.

  • We are giving a fantastic home to many cats that faced the prospect of living in a centre. We will continue to work closely with animal charities to promote and raise funds towards their excellent work.
  • We are giving the cats undying love and affection that would simply not be possible had they stayed in the centre.
  • With the help of our generous customers and backers, we are creating the ultimate home for all these cats; from the personalised micro-chip entry system bedrooms, to the wall and ceiling walkways.
  • We are raising awareness about rescue cats, and about cat care, with our range of speakers who will tell you all there is to know about how to give your beloved moggie the best possible life. Our aim is to encourage adoption rather than commercial cat breeding.

Can the cats get away from people?

All the cats have been especially selected for their friendliness and sociability. However, everyone – even pussy-cats – needs some downtime. Our cats will have constant access to their private quarters, via a microchip entry system. Not even the other cats can follow! As well as this, there will be high level walkways and ledges for when the cats simply want to people watch out of reach from petting hands.

How are you going to ensure the cafe is a calm space?

We have house rules for all customers. Every aspect of our premises has been thought about to ensure the cats’ space will be calm and relaxed and only a certain number of customers will be able to enter this space at any one time.

How can you ensure the cats are happy and settled?

The cats have met and spent time living together prior to moving – as a group – to the cafe. They have been in the cafe on their own (plus the owner and staff) for a minimum of two weeks before opening, in order to get settled and for them to decide who goes where! We use a pheromone spray that acts as a natural relaxant to cats. This pheromone replicates the natural scent that cats produce when they are happy – when a cat rubs their head or mouth onto their surroundings it is this scent they leave. This has been proven on many occasions to reduce stress in cats, particularly during moves. This also reduces the risk of territorial disputes, as there is a neutral scent already in place. Once the cats have settled-in, they have regular check-ups with their vet and they are under constant supervision by trained cat care specialists to ensure that all is well.

How will you ensure the cats are well cared for?

We have been working with a number of top experts in animal welfare, health and behaviour to create the best possible environment for the cats. This cafe is set up in the interests of the cats; for the cats, this is their home and their welfare is our number one priority. Visitors will need to respect that and will be asked to leave if they are causing any concern. The number of cats will be kept low and the property is large, ensuring that each cat has sufficient territory to stay happy and secure.


Can I have a job/volunteer?

Please join our Facebook group Pause Cat Cafe Volunteers. Ask to join and wait for updates! We’ll also be posting job and volunteering vacancies here.

Are there rules?

Yes, we have created some rules for the safety of our kitties and for you. You can view them here.

what if I come to your cat cafe and the cats are all hiding?

We put our cats’ welfare above all else, so this could potentially happen. We will never force our cats to interact or entertain. If it should ever happen that you come here and the cats are not in the mood for visitors, we will be happy to give you a complimentary voucher for a visit another time. This will only apply if the cats have retired to their bedrooms and you haven’t even had a whisker of attention.

Cats come first

Customers will be expected to respect the cats at all times. Cats will only be interacted with if they choose to do so; all our cats are highly sociable and appreciate love from humans, but not all of them will want to be on someone’s lap all the time. Try calling one over, or putting your hand out for them to initiate some petting. Once they have shown interest you are free to enjoy each others company.

When are you opening?

Now that we have raised enough money through the crowd-funding we are running around like Tom after Jerry… We will be doing some ‘soft openings’ after the New Year for those who have supported us, then taking bookings for mid-January. Please hold tight for more information on how and when to book.

We intend to open on 27th February 2017 and you can book here.

Do you have disabled access?

Yes, this is extremely important to us, we want all of our friends to be able to visit.  We have full wheelchair access upstairs and an accessible toilet.

How do I book or donate?

You can donate by clicking here.

You can book by clicking here.


Keeping the cafe nice and clean...

To keep the cafe spotlessly clean, our trained cleaning team follow a detailed regime developed with the assistance of the local Environmental Health department.

Keeping the cafe nice and fresh...

“The answer my friend, my friend, is blowing in the wind….” – or at any rate through our custom-built specialised air filtration system! All areas of the cafe from the dining area, food preparation area, to the cats living quarters are kept freshly ventilated so that you can relax and enjoy the wonderful aroma of our artisan food and varied scents of our range of delicious fruit juices.

Will it be hygienic to be around cats while I eat?

We have created a 20-page hygiene policy that we developed with the help of the Environmental Health department of the council. All of our food preparation areas are completely separate from cats and different staff handle food and cats.

How do you keep it hygienic?

We have spent a long time working with environmental health to create extensive policies and records to keep it clean and hygienic. Some examples include main food preparation being off-site, different cat care and food handling staff, and frequent and thorough cleaning procedures.

How can I keep inquisitive cats away from my food?

All food served at Pause will either be pre-prepared off-site by one of our lovely local suppliers, or prepared in our kitchen and sent out in a reseal-able container. We have separate food-handling staff and cat-handling staff, as well as a dish-wash room that is used before any crockery re-enters the kitchen. Our drinks section is at the front of the cafe and there are separate doors between the cats and the drinks. Once you have settled down to enjoy your food and drink please don’t be tempted to offer nibbles to your cat companion… though lovely both our cats and cakes are, no one wants a furry cake or a creamy cat! Our kitties will be well fed and watered, so should have no interest in your superfood smoothie and cake!

How can I protect my food from cats and their hair?

The majority of food served at Pause will be pre-prepared off site by one of our lovely local suppliers, with the finishing touches added by us in the cafe. The kitchen is hidden behind two sets of doors, and the only traffic in and out is strictly human. Our drinks section is at the front of the cafe and there are separate doors between the cats and the drinks. Once you open the food and drink and sit down it is your responsibility to keep them cat-free. Our kitties will be well fed and watered, so should have no interest in your superfood smoothie and cake!

What about toxoplasmosis?

The only way toxoplasmosis is spread is through the faeces of an infected cat. Cats can only become infected by eating infected prey – which won’t be a possibility since the cats will be fed commercial cat food. We will not be allowing our customers anywhere near the litter trays of our cats, so it is impossible to be infected at Pause.


Are you vetting people before they can come in?

We will have staff on the premises at all times and we have certain rules, as well as that all interaction must happen on the cats’ terms. This will ensure our cats are safe at all times.

Could I get scratched or bitten?

We have followed top animal behaviourists advice to only re-home cats with us who are friendly and who like people and other cats, this is for their welfare so we know they will be happy in this environment with lots of attention. Cat scratches and bites are in no way expected providing the cats are treated with mutual respect.

We assume that anybody entering the cafe understands how to treat cats properly, for example how to pet a cat without alarming it, and accepts responsibility for themselves. We rely on our customers to be sensible and treat our cats with affection and respect; if a cat is unexpectedly taken hold of and becomes frightened, or a person teases it by snatching it’s toy away, it may feel the need to defend itself and a cat scratch or bite tends to get your attention!

If you are entering the cat cafe, you have made the informed decision to do so and therefore accept responsibility for your own safety, however our trained cat care staff are always supervising and on hand to do their best to keep you from harm.

How can you stop the cats from getting out onto the road?

There will be an airlock entry system, consisting of two sets of double doors that will be manned at all times. Our greeter will be on duty during opening hours and will be making sure the doors are never open at the same time.

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